Jason Wright

Jason Wright's artwork reflects haunting skylines and dream-like scenes. Using brilliant, expressive colors, and bold palette-knife strokes, he builds his homes, shelters, skyscrapers and worlds, thickly layer by layer. Through the use of clean geometric lines, precise shapes and complex perspectives, he creates dramatic landscapes that are both inviting yet isolating.

His perspectives are gained from his years of action sports including skydiving and surfing. According to Jason, "You have to live in the moment since they are dangerous; you have to accept your fate. Before you skydive you are only given a few minutes to center yourself, you just have to be at peace with everything.... I want my work to be ethereal and haunted, not really eerie, but more dream-like."

Jason Wright was born and grew up in Hawaii and has now returned to the Big Island. He studied Painting and Graphic Design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC

Jason  Wright

Jason Wright

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