Wayne Zebzda


About the Artist:

Wayne Zebzda produces art based on random things in everyday life. Inspiration can come from a phrase uttered by a stranger or a jingle from TV, or it could be a sign on the side of the road or the color of the sky.

According to Wayne “Many times a found object finds its way to my studio like a lost puppy. I usually don’t know what it’s going to become, but there is an initial attraction to it so I’ll keep it around, feeding it while it feeds me in ways I’m not quite sure of. I wait for it to howl and run off on its own determined direction, leading me along on an adventure. Of course I chase it."

His art ranging from drawing to sculpture, video, photography and installations focuses on key themes including social commentary, as well as environmental or ecological issues. The conceptual play is his work often communicates serious or difficult ideas, and delights in a deep sense of humor in the face of the absurdities of life.

His current series “ROADTRIP” is a continually evolving group of works. It plays off of America’s great romance with the endless highway and transforms everyday familiar signs and objects into something new and engaging. Wayne continues to produce an evolving body of work that provides both way-markers and warning signs on the ultimate Road Trip of life.


Born in Hartford Connecticut, Wayne first moved west to San Francisco in 1976 to enter the San Francisco Art Institute and then continued his journey to Hawaii in 1987. He currently lives and works on on Kaua`i.

Wayne is committed to making art accessible to a wide audience, and has been involved in numerous Art in Public Places projects and commissions for the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture in the Arts. His work has been exhibit and collected throughout the US.


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