Jeffrey Palladini


About the Artist:


Jeffrey Palladini was born in 1968 in the Chicago area and grew up in Southern California. He studied art at California State University, Long Beach, where he explored a wide range of media, eventually gravitating toward drawing and painting.

It wasn’t until his studies in Florence, Italy, in 1989 that he began to form a consistent creative voice.

The ubiquitous beauty of art in everyday life in Italy had a profound effect on the young artist and he began experimenting with combining the found objects and classical figurative imagery he encountered everywhere around him. From that time, Palladini has considered canvas simply too passive and he has continued to work almost exclusively using wood as the ground for his paintings.

He continues to develop his unique vocabulary of dramatic figurative imagery, combined with compelling linear and pattern elements, which serve to enhance and inform the narrative of each work.



Palladini has exhibited his work in solo, group and juried exhibitions since 1991. His work is included in many private and corporate collections.

In 1991, Palladini relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives and works with his wife, psychotherapist Theresa Hall and daughter Lola.


1990, California State University, Long Beach, BA Art
1989, Florence, Italy, Studio Art Studies through Richmond College, London





According to Jeffrey

"In these paintings are captured, in bright brief flashes, complex emotion and intense intimacy. With minimal information provided, to the viewer is left the imperative of exploring the vast remainder. From a movie still is extrapolated a full film of character, pacing, plot and script. From a paragraph, an entire novel. From a brief encounter, a lifetime of histories and potentialities. From a single windowpane spreads a wide, complicated landscape. From one charged moment, the story extends infinitely in all directions. As in memory, all is viewed in snapshots, in glimpses. Complex narratives, transformative events, entire lifetimes, boiled down to these singular points in time."

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