Art & Technology
The Intersection of the Internet and Digital Technologies in Contemporary Art
May 20 - August 22, 2011
Opening Reception: Sunday, May 22 3-6pm

Kimber Berry at Elisa Contemporary Art
This show explores the use of the internet, social media and digital technologies in today's contemporary artwork.

Featured artists include:
  • Yasemin Kackar-Demirel
  • Kimber Berry
  • Franco DeFrancesco
  • Rosalind Schneider

  • For a video walkaround, watch here:

    About the Artists:

    Yasemin Kackar-Demirel

    Yasemin is one of our new emerging artists. She was born in Istanbul, received her MFA in DeKalb (IL), and currently lives in New York. Her work is a fragmented and reconstructed journey through the places she has lived and traveled, both real and imagined.

    In this latest series, Yasemin brings in text from her Facebook pages, along side her fragmented landscapes.

    According to Yasemin: "I’m influenced by my physical and emotional encounters of places, and in my works I depict my reactions to the several phenomena housed in these places. In my current series of works, I am inspired by Facebook. I gather texts from my homepage on Facebook and write them over and over with a gestural manner in fast pace so that they start to form a motif. This way, I’m using the text as a visual imagery. Through this process some text may fade away, while some may still remain legible. I extract and mark shapes out of these text-based patterns and combine them together with color, various paint media and collage materials to form a composition. Through these series of works, I’m recycling these publicly exposed virtual conversations, information and momentum by presenting them in a new context, perhaps in a new abstracted narrative."

    Kimber Berry

    Kimber is an emerging artist based in Los Angeles, who is part of the "Flow Movement." Her artwork is vibrant and dynamic mixed media combining acrylics, resins and digitally altered photographs of her paint-strokes. As a native of LA, Kimber loves to blur the line between what is real and what is illusion.

    She has recently received a lot of positive attention from art critics and curators on the West Coast. She was recently featured in Art LTD magazine, and in late 2009 was featured in the Edenistic Divergence exhibit at the Riverside Museum in California.

    Franco DeFrancesco

    Franco DeFrancesca is a native of Toronto. He has been a multidisciplinary artist since 2004, exhibiting his art and art projects ranging from sculpture/installation, photography, digital art, and sound art. His work explores notions of media, technology, art history, and pop culture.

    With his recent “Plasma Gel”, series of digital/mixed media “picture objects”, Franco investigates the links between art and memory, history and technology. The Plasma Gels series use digital imaging as a means to navigate the territory between photography and painting, mixing references to photography, painting and display technology.

    Visualizing ephemeral and elusive environments that allude to a non-delineated, but deep pictorial space, these works recall the colour-field and the elemental geometry of mid to late twentieth century post painterly abstraction, minimalism and op-art.

    Franco’s work has exhibited in Canada and the United States and is included in various private and corporate collections throughout North America.

    Rosalind Schneider

    Rosalind Schneider has been at the forefront of innovative landscapes since the 1970’s. She was the first artist to show "Film as Art" at the Hirshhorn museum at the Smithsonian in 1974. According to Rosalind “I have been interested in the translation, abstraction and restructuring of natural phenomena since the beginning of my artistic voyage as a painter”.

    Her expansive and prolific body of work spans over 40 years as an artist exploring the nature of energy and our natural environment. Her singular vision has taken her on a creative journey that has pushed the boundaries of visual media from painting to sculpture to film, video and digital media. Her quest has led to the mastery and fusion of these various media to create an original and unique visual language for the forces of nature.

    Rosalind’s work has been shown worldwide -- throughout the US, Europe and Israel. Her video work has been part of exhibits at the Whitney Museum, Chelsea Art Museum and is now part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art (NY).